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Solid cherry dumbbell rack consisting of a set of 8 (4 pairs) dumbbells.

Dumbbell weights: 2, 4, 6, 8 kg
Leather color – black
Standing height: 87 cm
Base dimensions: 34 × 34 cm
Rack weight without dumbbells: 10 kg. Barbell with dumbbells: 50 kg
An instruction booklet is included

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Use Swing dumbbells of great beauty and originality in your training to regain the body tone and resilience of your youth. A stylish and practical alternative to traditional dumbbells, each SwingBell dumbbell is made from a solid wood handle attached to a hand-stitched leather case. Each holster contains tiny iron pellets that support your dynamic movement imbalances by shifting within the holster – providing extra stimulation to your joints, muscles and connective tissues. All Swingbells dumbbells are mounted on a stained wood tower, saving space. The set includes four pairs of dumbbells of 2, 4, 6, 8 kg each. The stand stands securely and compactly, with a total weight of about 50 kg.

Manufacturer: NOHrD (Germany)